Thursday, April 17, 2014

Thursday Thoughts & Thirty-Six Weeks

I am 36 weeks pregnant now, y'all! It's getting so close and I'm soooo impatient, it's killing me. Ready for so many things...ready to workout and have my body back, ready to enjoy some cocktails with friends {hello, summertime!} and most of all, ready to meet my precious daughter. I forgot to take a picture this morning, and it's too hard to take a prego selfie at work, so I will just show you last week's bump picture {I'm looking pretty much the same this week}.

Jake and I finally nailed down a name for baby girl last night. If you're a friend on Facebook, you might know I did a fun little baby name bracket {in honor of March Madness} that had my top 16 names eventually narrowed down to one. Sadly, I will say that we did not choose the name that actually won. {I know, such cheaters, right?} My main goal for doing the bracket was to help get Jake finally on board with my name choices by seeing all of the wonderful compliments we received on so many of them. Even though I love the winning name, it wasn't something my husband was able to agree on, but with all the help of the positive response about most of the names, we were finally able to come to agreement on one of them.

What is it, you ask?

To be announced when she is. {Oh, the suspense!}

In other news, I've {at least for now} traded in my dark brunette locks for much blonder ones. I've been a dark brunette now for a quite a few years and thought I would try a little blonde again for something different {maybe it's the pregnancy hormones, but I think it's great for summertime}.

It looks a bit golden in this picture, but it's really more of a light ashy blonde. I've been for two full highlight sessions now with my new favorite hairstylist, Kasondra. I wanted to get as much done as I could before baby comes because I don't imagine I'll have too much time for the salon after that.

The nursery is coming along...though I'm a bit antsy because I've never gotten this close to baby time without having the nursery fully finished. We had a setback when we put the house on the market in March because I decided to forgo anymore decorating at that time, but now that we are staying put, I'm back into decorating/nesting mode. Right now, it still pretty much looks like this:

I do have the closet and dresser organized with all her clothes, by age {and color because I'm OCD}. And a changing pad has been added to the dresser. However, because I'm a glutton for punishment, I have decided {4 weeks prior to due date no less} that I want to trade out the bed in there for a full-size daybed. It will create so much more floor space for her to play on when she gets to the crawling around stage. Right now, it's our queen guest bed, but I've decided to sell it and I've ordered this to go in its place:

It's the Morgan Day Bed from Walmart {so I kind of figured it was fate}. The fun part {this is where I am a glutton for punishment} is going to be working with Jake to move the mattresses out and dispose of them properly, break down the other bed and sell it and then set up the new bed when it arrives sometime next week. Oh, and I'll also have to order a full-size mattress. Yes, I apparently thrive on stress and time crunches.

I've also ordered a mobile from this shop on Etsy for over the crib. It will look like this:

The next things on the list for the nursery are:

  • Area rug
  • Curtain
  • Paintings for the wall {I imagine I won't find time for this until I'm no longer working.}
  • Paint the two mirrors {the frames} I have and hang.
  • The baby :-)
And then we're pretty much done with the space!

That's pretty much the bulk of my thought process for today...I do also want to thank those of you that have stuck around here...even though the last few weeks my posts have been scarce. I fully plan on picking back up...I've got my last week of work next week...and then waiting for baby's I'll get back to normal posting very soon.

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Monday, April 14, 2014

31 Years

First and foremost, let me apologize for falling off the face of the Earth this blog for the past two weeks. No real excuse or reasoning for it...just lacking motivation during these last few weeks of pregnancy...and I hate blogging for the sake of blogging. Trust me, you should appreciate that. Incoherent, nonsensical rambling is something I like to save for nights when I've had too much wine. And let's be honest, those are far and few between these days! is 4.14.14 and it is my 31st birthday. {Cue 50 Cent's In Da Club}

This year, being 35.5 weeks pregnant, I'm definitely not in the mood to do it up {nor can I really without alcohol, hahaha} will just be a nice evening with my husband and our boys at our favorite Hibachi restaurant. I've been hinting at my boys to make me a sweet card or picture...and by hinting I mean telling them right out {they are miniature men, so you have to be blunt, right?} Tanner, being the ever-efficient problem-solver he is, quickly scribbled "Love You" and two hearts on a piece of paper this morning before he left for daycare {it's Spring Break}. That was right after I reminded them again I wanted a nice thoughtful card done today...he is too funny. I don't think he quite understood the "thoughtful" part...he was just getting it over with. Oh well.

Last year was my 30th of course and it was an amazing birthday. I don't think I'll ever be able to top it.

So today, I'll just take in that sweet memory and look forward to next year's - with my two best boys and my baby girl...our complete little family.

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Friday, March 28, 2014

Not Moving After All

I know my posts have been far and few between the last few weeks. As you might know, we put our house up for sale a month ago and as of today, decided to officially remove it from the market.

We spent a good few weeks getting things cleaned and organized, as well as moving out clutter to a storage unit. Unfortunately, despite how nice our home interior looks compared to others in our neighborhood, it just didn't look like we were going to get the {fair} price we wanted and needed. Knowing that the area is up and coming - a new K-8, high school as well as nature trails are planned in the next couple years - we thought it best to just sit on it a few more years and then it will be worth our while to sell, and we can probably get something even better than we could right now. Luckily, we aren't in a position where moving is necessary, though I was excited at the prospect of a larger home. However, I feel a weight has been lifted off my shoulders for a little while...and I can focus on what's really important - preparing for the arrival of this baby girl in a few weeks.  {Plus, now I get to actually finish the nursery and put things on the walls!}

Anyhow, I do plan to get back on a regular posting schedule - this once or twice a week stuff just ain't cuttin' it, right? I can't believe we are pretty much in the home stretch with this pregnancy. Just shy of 7 weeks to go now...and my hunch is that it will be a bit less, maybe 5-6 weeks, based on my history. Here I am yesterday, at 33 weeks on the dot:

I can tell you I am soooooo if you haven't heard that already. I think I was ready around 7 weeks. What can I say? I miss wine...and normal exercise routines. No but seriously, we've got all the big stuff taken care of and it's all just waiting for a baby to inhabit it.

Now that we've taken the house off the market, as well as had some realtors give us some feedback on our place, I've got a little "to-doozy" list I've worked up for things Jake and I need to do, now that we plan on staying. Many of which I will end up sharing on here once complete. Here's the list so far, in no particular order {as I like to hold myself accountable by sharing this kind of stuff with you}:

  1. Repair Garage Door {Right now it doesn't work electronically and hasn't since we've owned the house. We've just lived with it by locking it manually and raising/shutting manually as needed.
  2. Build Fence Next to White Picket Fence {neighbor's} for privacy and sake of not having to view their yard {it's a rental home, so sometimes an eyesore}. The rest of our yard we have already fenced.
  3. Paint Stairwell and Upstairs Hallway to match the living room {my hubby was lazy about this when we painted the living room, but this portion is long overdue for a paint job and will create a cohesive look, while also making it brighter up there.
  4. Redo Master Closet. We really could stand to add some shelves or racks on the other side that is just a blank wall. I think it will make better use of the space.
  5. Upgrade Laundry Closet - Nicer shelving, maybe cabinets, a fun, bright paint color, etc.
  6. Backyard Landscaping - We need to do a little something out there.
  7. Build a Small Storage Shed - I'd really like to store our lawn mower and other gardening tools in something like that rather than the garage and maybe some of the larger kids' toys, so our yard doesn't always look in disarray.
  8. Put Lattice Around the A/C Unit. This will keep the dog and the kids away from it, and help prevent unnecessary damage. I'd die if my dog started chewing important cords and coils.
  9. Replace Toilet Seats. I know, yuck, right? I keep a clean toilet, but the actual seat {not the whole unit itself} in each of our bathrooms just seems dingy. It's a quick fix and something I just need to do already. {I'll spare you of me sharing this one on the blog. You're welcome.}
  10. Get My DIY Projects Going - specifically painting the wooden high chair, painting the bar cart, etc. This will obviously be after I have the baby.
  11. Finish Nursery - Mostly just need to add some art to the walls and set up some toy storage.
  12. Reorganize Office Closet - so it can function both as office/craft storage and a coat closet.

Happy Friday - Enjoy Your Weekend!

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday Musings: Folly Beach

The weather was so nice in Charleston this weekend. It was good timing for it because we had a Folly Beach weekend planned for my father-in-law's 60th birthday. Of course, I didn't feel comfortable strutting my "stuff" in a bikini while we were at the beach, but in my defense, it wasn't that warm...and also, I'm fat {7 more weeks...}

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the weekend {apologize in advance for pic overload!}:

Breckin and his cousin, Chase sitting on the dock.

My silly, happy boy

Foam Dart Gun Fight

Chase, Tanner and Breckin enjoying popsicles

Nana and the boys playing a game

Breckin happy with his bowling score!

Bowling Fun

He stood by the ball return all evening :-)

Tanner playing Dominoes with Dad while Papa looks on

Finally, a beach day!

Ocean Fun

My neice, Peyton

Husband and Wife Selfie



Silly Boy #1

Silly Boy #2

We had a great time. I will say that these kinds of events are tough on a prego because as we all know, beach vacations {and pretty much everything} are much better enjoyed with wine and cocktails. I am eager for these last weeks to go by quickly...thankfully she's coming in May, just in time to be able to enjoy my summer.

I did also get a chance to sneak away on Friday and get my hair highlighted. It's the first stage only...wanted to slowly break through the box dye that had been put on my hair so long. The next round will be a little bolder blonde, but here is what it looks like now - with all over pale blonde highlights:

Sorry for the stringy hair pic - lol!

And this is sort of the look I'm going for - I just really love the shade of blonde used here. I may leave a little more brown in mine though:


Hope y'all had a wonderful weekend too!

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Monday, March 17, 2014

Monday Musings & My Baby Girl Sprinkle

Happy Monday, all!

I had a great weekend, got to see a lot of friends thanks to having my Baby Girl Sprinkle on Saturday. I didn't get a lot of pictures, I can be so bad about that! It was a lot of fun though and I'm so thankful to everyone that came and made it possible. I am so ready to meet my baby girl. Just less than 2 months now!

My favorite part of the Sprinkle was definitely painting the onesies...

They turned out so cute! I think I may have found a new fun hobby for making some of Baby Girl's outfits.

I didn't realize how round my face has gotten until I saw the above pic! I am bummed I didn't get a picture with everyone attending, but so thankful for everyone that could come. {Yowza, look at that belly button!}

I am 31.5 weeks today and it is St. Paddy's so I found myself a green shirt that fit {and it's non-maternity!} and took this pic this morning:

I can't believe how close it's getting, yet at the same time I can't believe I have almost two months to go! I am so ready to be done and meet this little lady.

Since it is St. Paddy's and I'm also obsessed with rainbows...I had to share what I just purchased off of Etsy for my daughter:

Isn't it to die for? OMG...I can't wait to see her in it. I have to thank my friend, Julie, for posting a pic on Facebook this morning of her baby girl sleeping in a rainbow sleeper {which she's so sweetly offered to set aside for me once she grows out of it}'s what got me searching online for rainbow outfits for baby girls.

In other news, I'm thinking of revealing baby's name. My mom knows...and now, thanks to Breckin, Jake's mom and dad also know. It's sort of ruining the big baby's arrival reveal for me. I may find a cute way to announce it on Facebook and I'm brainstorming at the moment. Stay tuned for a possible earlier than planned announcement! {In the meantime, stay away from my mom and in-laws.}

Have a great week!

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Friday, March 14, 2014

Five Things

Well, first of all...let me apologize for my lack of posts this week. Between work and all the craziness of keeping our house clean around the clock in case of home showings, I've just been too exhausted and uninspired for this blog of mine. Pregnancy doesn't help that cause either.

But there are a few things of note this week and I wanted to stop in, share them with you and let y'all know I'm still here.


I got my first ever gel manicure this week and let me tell you I'm hooked.

When I used to get my nails done in the past, I always went for the acrylic French tip, but that is a little out of style now, and not to mention, wreaks havoc on your nails. With the gel manicure, there's no filing of your actual nail, so when it comes off, they are not ruined. You also get to keep the length you worked so hard to reach! It lasts around two weeks and looks shiny and perfect, even after tackling house cleaning and lots of typing on the computer. I am convinced this is a saving grace for mommies out wasn't even expensive to do, so I can definitely see myself going in every few weeks! While I was there, I also took advantage of a spa pedicure in the massage chair...felt so nice on my aching pregnant back.


My Baby Girl Sprinkle is tomorrow! I'm looking forward to celebrating this baby girl with some good friends. I have no idea what I'm going to wear as I swear nothing looks good on me anymore. The weather is supposed to be 70 and no hopefully I can just swing a comfortable maxi dress. This is the reason I got my nails done this week, by the way!


We have our first home showing today since putting it on the market last week. Wouldn't it be nice if they made an offer and then we were done with the whole home-showing phase of this? Fingers crossed on that one...though I know it's not likely to get a sale from your first viewer. I'm anxious because I want to know when we will be moving, so I can look ahead and plan...with a baby very close to arriving, it's a little nerve-racking to not know exactly what's going on with our living situation in the coming months. We think we have found the area we'd like to purchase in...we will be able to get much more space than we have just waiting on an offer on ours, so we can make our move on something.


I hit 31 weeks this week, meaning I am in the single digits for weeks left! I have never gone over my due date, so there's no reason to believe I will this time. In fact, I feel it will be around 38-39 weeks. Tanner was a due date baby, Breckin was six days early, and I'm guessing {hoping} this girl will make her appearance around 8-12 days early. I am now seeing my doc every two weeks and then around 35-36 weeks, it will be once a week. I am sooooo ready to be done. I swear this gets harder every time...more aches, more pains and more weight with each one. Seems to be the case with me anyway! This is definitely our last...I will consider Mission Smith Family: Complete. I've got my work cut out for me post-pregnancy and I certainly want this to be the last time I'll have to fight to reclaim my figure.


I think I'm out for #5...all I can say is the weather looks to be getting nicer and I can't wait to get back to the beach. We are headed to Folly Beach next weekend for my father-in-law's 60th swimsuit for me or anything, but will be nice to play with my boys in the sand! Hello, Spring {finally}!

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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Pregnancy Questionnaire

How did you find out you were pregnant?  I always have a sense of just knowing, so I always find out extremely early since I start testing as soon as the test says it will work. With each child, I got my positive within 2 weeks from ovulation.
What kind of Pregnancy test did you take?  First Response I believe, or the generic version of that. I also had a couple dollar store ones {those are actually pretty good tests!}
How many?  In total, including my doc's test...I believe 6.
What were your 1st symptoms?  I think it was probably "the girls" being over-sensitive.
Who did you tell first?  My husband
Who was with you when you found out?  Jake, sort of. I took the test in the bathroom. He didn't know I was taking it. 
My 1st reaction:  I think I was a little apprehensive...I'm a thinker, so of course the thought of a 3rd child and what that meant for our finances popped into my mind. I was happy too, but it was overall a large mix of different emotions.
Was your baby planned?  No, we were still in that "up in the air" stage as to whether we wanted any more kids. I was also scared to have a third boy, so wasn't sure I wanted to try for a girl. 
When was the baby conceived?  Aug 22. One single oops in our pregnancy prevention method.
How far were you when you found out?  Gestationally, I was a day shy of 4 weeks, but I found out September 4th for certain at the doc's office, so that was 12 days from the deed that did it.
How did your parents react?  They weren't all happy-crazy {it is our 3rd after all}, just said their "congrats" and asked if we'd been trying.
How did you announce to "the world"? After we told the immediate family, we announced on Facebook and my blog with this photo:

My baby
Due Date:  5.15.14
Do you know the sex?  Wasn't trying, and I got my GIRL.
Any names?  Yes, we have a name picked out. Keeping it under wraps until she's born.
Any Ultrasounds? One at 9 weeks, a gender scan {that I paid for} at 16 weeks and our anatomy scan at 19 weeks.
Have you heard the heart beat?  I hear it at every appt. She's consistently been in the high 130s/low 140s.
Who do you think it will look like? I'm actually at a loss for this one. I think she will look similar to my boys in a sibling way, but I'm really hoping she gets the dark black/brown hair that my parents and younger brother have, my blue eyes and Jake's tan skin tone.
Will the baby have siblings?  Tanner, 8 and Breckin, 3. Also our Boston Bulldog, Sugar.
Have you felt the baby move?  She moves a lot...I feel she is awake more than she sleeps.
Did you have morning sickness?  Not really. I would get slight nausea and dizziness that was cured by me just getting something on my stomach. I've been that way with all of my pregnancies.
Did you have any cravings?  Mexican food, mac-n-cheese, Skittles - all things that are bad.
Did you have any mood swings?  I do feel I'm more emotional in this pregnancy...easily frustrated and angered.
Are you a high risk pregnancy?  No.
Any complications?  Not at this time....and hopefully never!
Formula or Breastfeeding?  I'm going to try breastfeeding again. I made it 4 weeks with Tanner and 7-8 weeks with Breckin. I really want to make it a lot longer this time.
Have you bought anything for the baby yet?  She has just about everything she needs, with the exception of a swing and a few minor things. I have my baby shower next weekend, so we'll see after that.
When did you start to show?  Way too early. Probably as early as 8-10 weeks I was getting a little pudgy. The 3rd just gets right out there and down to business.
{12 Weeks, 1 Day}

How long could you wear your regular clothes?  For a while, but eventually I chose maternity purely for comfort's sake - at least the jeans.
Will you keep the baby’s clothes?  No, this is our last baby.
Home or Hospital?  Hospital. 
Natural or Medicated birth?  I held out until 9.5cm with Breckin before they were finally able to get me my epidural. It was very painful and intense, but I know I can make it that far. I'd like to see it all the way through without the epidural, but I also like the more relaxed feeling I get when I have the we'll see.
Who will be in the delivery room with you?  Jake, Doc and nurses.
Do you think you will need a C-section?  No. I've had two easily successful vaginal births, so I have no reason not to expect the same with this one. 
Will you cry when you hold the baby for the 1st time? I honestly don't think I ever have...I'm not heartless, but my emotions swing the other way...just happy, and a little tired/overwhelmed. I've never been much of a crier in general.
What’s the 1st thing you might say to the baby?  I haven't ever really thought about that.
Will you let anyone video tape the birth?  No.
Are you excited?  Nervous-Excited. Our lives are going to be going through a lot of changes once she arrives.
Who will help you with the baby after the birth?  I really don't know. My mom doesn't live near us. I think once Jake goes back to work after a couple days, I will be on my own!
What is your favorite thing about being pregnant?  To be honest, I really don't like being pregnant. This is my 3rd, so I'm really not enjoying it and I'm eagerly awaiting for the end. Feeling the baby move is the only cool thing about it to me. Everything else just plain sucks.
What is the worst thing about being pregnant? For me, it's gaining weight and having to start all over again on my body afterward.
What’s one thing you miss doing since being pregnant?  Drinking socially and stylish outfits. I try with maternity clothes, but it's really just not flattering no matter what I do.
Any days you wish you were not pregnant?  In the sense that I could have my body back, yes, everyday. In the sense that I really want this little girl I'm cookin', no.
Are you ready for a baby?  This is as ready as I'm going to get...I sort of know by now what's to come. The only thing right now is that we just listed our house for sale, so there's a little chance we may be moving when I'm due, or shortly after I have her, so that's going to be a little crazy and stressful, but we will survive.
Do you have insurance?  Yes.
How many kids do you want?  This is #3 and this is it.
Do you talk to the baby?  Not really...I mostly just rub her when she moves around...and I know she hears my car concerts.
Do you still feel attractive?  No, I'm two months from my due date and I'm huge.
{29 Weeks}

Have you had your baby shower yet?  No, it is March 15th.
Do you like kids?  I love my kids {and sometimes don't really like them at the same time, lol}, but in general, I do like other people's kids, however, now that I have my own, I'm not as apt to want to hold other people's kids or deal with them, if that makes sense. I'm already tired and busy with my own! But I think kids are great, I've had many jobs that centered around working with them, even special needs ones. 
How far along are you now?  30 weeks today...almost eviction time.

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